A Sketch Safari


A talented young designer @e.r.i.n.d.a.l.e recently joined us to gain work experience whilst studying for an Interior Design degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. We felt his drawing ability and creativity, balanced by the wealth of experience within our studio, could generate a spark of inspiration and lead to fresh perspectives.

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Erin's first challenge was to visit two of our recently completed projects for The Outsiders Stores, in Slater Street, Liverpool and Coal Drops Yard, London. We asked him to explore and visually record the essence of both sites.

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The Outsiders team have sought to create a compelling customer proposition, but also recognise the unpredictability of the retail landscape and the clear need for layout flexibility.

In both the Outsiders stores we have designed, the environment can be adapted in response to evolving customer and commercial factors and Erin has captured this quality in the nature of his freehand, on-location sketches.

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