How To Think Sustainably When Designing The Modern Workplace

Employees are becoming increasingly invested in their company's sustainable policies, and how their employers are working towards reducing their carbon footprints.

What Does Designing For Good Look Like?

This helpful article outlines methods and steps that designers can be taking to create positive social change with their work, and how to share and teach these principles with others.

Sustainable UX: How Designers Can Help Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

It's easy to think that just because digital design exists in an intangible space, it doesn't have an environmental impact. This article delves into how digital designers can work more responsibly.

How Aesthetics Matter In Sustainable Design

Danish outdoor furniture company, Skagerak, and Swedish design company, Note Design Studio, discuss the importance of aesthetics in sustainable design and designing for 'your mind and your heart'.

Save Camira launches Quest: a new recycled SEAQUAL fabric

A recycled polyester fabric containing SEAQUAL yarn (made from marine plastic waste). Quest joins Oceanic, Camira’s inaugural Mixology award winning SEAQUAL fabric.

4 Ways To Put Sustainability Talk Into Action

The heads of Kvadrat, Ex Interiors and Andreu World discuss how designers and manufacturers are navigating the complex world of sustainability – particularly in the midst of the current pandemic

Recycled Grey: Pedrali’s first chairs made from 100% recycled plastic

In line with its sustainability goals, Pedrali has launched its first collections made entirely from recycled plastic, refreshing their Remind and Babila XL chairs.

Demand for sustainable packaging sky-rockets to 64%

More UK consumers are demanding sustainable packaging, with 64% more likely to buy from retailers that provide packaging that is better for the planet

Design, Climate, Action: How to make interior design less wasteful

In interior design it is much easier to design unsustainably. There are undeniable challenges when trying to work sustainably, according to eco-conscious interior designer Alicia Storie.

Very Good & Proper debuts first sustainable outdoor furniture collection

The British furniture brand introduces its first outdoor furniture collection with the launch of the Latte Chair and a new outdoor version of their classic Canteen Table.

How can designers be truly sustainable?

There is no point in having packaging that is sustainable, and then slapping a cheap label on it that makes it hard – or even impossible – to recycle.

Designers Are Turning Plastic Waste Into Terrazzo

The possibilities are infinite. By combining different colors and types of plastic, designers can create everything from tiny speckles on a black base to kaleidoscopic granite-like patterns.

The Co-Op Rebrands for COP26

The Co-op has welcomed the arrival of a near-namesake climate change conference in Glasgow from this weekend with a nationwide ‘rebrand’ of its grocery and funeral home businesses to ‘Co-op26.’


A platform that allows the next creative generation from all backgrounds to build their dream career and to navigate their professional journey with confidence.

World Architecture Day 2021: Accelerating Urban Action for a Carbon-Free World

Celebrated on the first Monday of every October, World Architecture Day was set up back in 2005 to “remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat”.

Design Council announces Design for Planet festival to coincide with COP26

Plan set out to engage designers with key climate change issues as part of two day festival, which looks to forge better links between designers and leaders in sustainability.

Rethink Your Reno, Nail Sustainability & Get That Treasure Tingle

Learn how to use decorative salvage & sustainable reclamation to create a unique, beautiful home.

Unleash Your Potential: Sustainable Futures

Learn about the sustainability challenges of the modern world, and make a positive contribution to society with this free online course provided by The University of Bristol.

Design for Sustainability - Online Short Course

Design for Sustainability is a four-week course for designers and people who work with design. It offers a hands-on introduction to integrating sustainability within the design process and will introduce practical ideas, concepts, and processes through which designers can create more sustainable outcomes at all levels.

Principles Of Sustainable Design

This course will explore the context, motivations, frameworks and perspectives necessary to build a deeper understanding of sustainability and to form a solid foundation for sustainable design. Lead by Rob Fleming, a registered architect with over 18 years’ experience of teaching, research, and practice in sustainable design.

Circular Economy - Sustainable Materials Management

This course looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can be used more efficiently, longer, and in closed loops.

Climate change: transitions to sustainability

This free course, provided by The Open University, looks at the three approaches to achieve sustainability and the four dimensions of globalization in relation to climate change

Organisations, environmental management and innovation

Do you want to discover more about how organisations innovate for environmental management? This free course by The Open University focusses on the innovations organisations are developing to help manage environmental issues.

Companies Carbon Calculator

Take a step towards becoming more climate positive by calculating an estimate of your company's emissions.

Do You Know How to "Go Green"? Eco - Friendly Quiz

Do You Know How to "Go Green"? These 10 questions will test how well you understand what it takes to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

SHIFT - Search Engine for Business Sustainability Resources

SHIFT is an online platform that allows you to navigate the sea of sustainability tools and carve out your pathway to implementation. SHIFT is also a community of practitioners working together to review tools based on their own experiences. The SHIFT community includes corporate sustainability practitioners, sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs, impact investors, and more.

Sustainable Specifying Guide

The BIID have produced a comprehensive tool kit to guide you through sustainable specifying. It is the responsibility of an interior designer to advise clients on how their project has environmental and social impact - this tool will aid you in incorporating this into your design process.

Forest App

Be present, stay focussed, and help the environment. The Forest app is a visual aid that forces you to be more productive by growing a virtual tree on your screen as you work. The best part is Forest also plants trees in the real world, through forestry charity Trees for the Future. So far they've planted 338,586.

Ecosia - A Search Engine that helps The Environment

Ecosia is a search engine that takes profits from internet searches and uses them to plant trees in places that need them most. With around seven million active users, a tree is planted nearly every second. So far, they’ve planted over 64 million trees in 15 different countries.

Ecological Footprint Calculator

What's your carbon footprint? Take the test and find out!

How to use guide - BREEAM

How to use BREEAM, one of the leading and most widely used environmental assessment methods in the UK.

Earth Rewards Loyalty Program

An app that rewards the Earth! This eco-loving app is a convenient way for you to help protect endangered rainforests, fight climate change and become more environmentally conscious.

JouleBug - The Eco-Friendly App

JouleBug aims to help you make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play. Using a point-based system, the app gives you green ‘actions’ related to waste, energy, transport, and water. You’re given useful tips and videos to encourage you and for every action, you’re awarded points on the impact it has on the environment and your wallet.

Outsiders - A Sustainable Story

BRE is a world-leading multi-disciplinary building science centre with a mission to improve the built environment through research and knowledge generation.

Moral Fibres

From composting in your flat to eco-friendly glitter alternatives, Moral Fibres is a great daily read to encourage us all to be more environmentally thoughtful!

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