East + West


We reflect on our work with ASICS China for their Flagship store in Shanghai.


For the past three months we have been working on a fantastic new project with ASICS China - a Flagship on Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, which opened on Sunday after a lot of hard work from both our team and theirs.


 "The best example of cooperation between East and West," Jing Nie, Direct to Consumer Director, ASICS China.


This is the 7th Flagship we have done for ASICS, but it is the first time we have tackled one of their Flagship stores in China.

They worked at an extremely fast pace so we were kept busy at all times, but it has meant that the turnaround was incredibly quick, and with no lapse in quality. Working around the clock 24/7, they were able to build this finished Flagship after only one month of us sending over our design intent drawings for the store.

The entire process was a deeply collaborative effort between our interior and graphic designers and their architects, project managers, manufacturers and general contractors.

It was an exhilarating challenge for all of us, so it is with great pride that we reveal the final development of this now, and how it’s progressed from paper into a reality.