Finding Your Way


Take a look at our environmental graphic signage for P&O Ferries.


Our most recent client work for P&O Ferries was to create the environmental graphic signage for its port operations in Dublin.

Environmental graphics are all about wayfinding - a functional necessity - and so we were tasked with designing a cohesive visual pathway which travellers could easily understand and follow.

Wayfinding places emphasis on the journey, rather than the destination, and so we also wanted to craft something that created a positive experience for the visitor.

P&O recently underwent a brand transformation to update their look and feel, and therefore needed replacement artwork for all of their existing port signage.

Dublin is one of several ports we have designed wayfinding signage for, having also covered Dover, Calais, Cairnryan, Troon and Liverpool.




The journey taken between the point where you leave the motorway and where you board the ferry can feel like an endless and confusing maze, so our brief was to simplify this experience for P&O customers by designing bold, bright and memorable signage.

Here, the use of the brand’s new vivid shade of orange was essential to stand out among the grey landscape of the coastline and to act as a beacon to guide customers through the different areas of the port.

The design was crafted with simplicity and effectiveness in mind.



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