The Outsiders Store Opens

Outsiders Instore17.jpg

Last week the brand new Outsiders Store opened its doors in Liverpool for the first time.

Over the last few months we have been working hard on a brand new concept design for this exciting new brand. Outsiders Store curates a considered collection of authentic outdoor and heritage workwear brands, along with a refined selection of accessories and camp gear for the modern outdoor lifestyle.


Outsiders Instore3.jpg

The store design has been a collaborative effort between ourselves here at WDC Creative, Quantum 4 and the Outsiders Store creative team. A specific reference point for the design is Drop City, a 'counter-cultur' artists community created from scratch in Colorado in the 70's.                                                        

This 'hippie modernism' has been used in the store concept, but has been brought up to date through the use of materials and finishes.

“The original design from WDC embodied our vision for a clean, honest aesthetic that simultaneously looked amazing on its own whilst giving an uncluttered canvas on which the products could shine. To then see that design delivered without compromise as close to the design as humanly possible was outstanding.

Put simply we couldn’t be happier and we wouldn’t change a thing!” – Robert Brigham, Managing Director of the Outsiders Store.

Outsiders Instore14.jpg

Sustainability has also been at the heart of the Outsiders Store concept. Throughout the design process the team have worked hard to ensure that the project respects the environment and maintains a CSR policy that many of the brands on sale at the store also endorse.