Coming Soon: The Outsiders Store

IMG_7959 (1).jpeg

We are currently on site in Liverpool as the brand new Outsiders store nears completion.

After several months of design development, things are starting to come together. The general contractor works have been completed and the fixtures and furniture are now being installed.

Last week on our blog we discussed the importance of being green through design.

We look to measure the sustainability of all of our design projects, by ensuring that, where possible, the materials used in our designs are either recyclable or environmentally responsible.

The Outsiders store concept is a great example of bringing this ethos to life; throughout the design we have worked to ensure that the project respects the environment and maintains a CSR policy that many of the brands on sale at the store also endorse.

Wherever possible, we have retained the infrastructure and existing features rather than ripping them out and replacing them with new ones. Elements such as the shutters and the tiled floor have been retained and incorporated into the overall aesthetic of the design.

Where additional flooring has been required, we have used Marmoleum. This is made with natural ingredients and is produced without any of the harmful VOC's or other toxic chemicals that are found in a lot of other flooring products. All lighting is LED, which will help reduce energy consumption.

With the fixture design, we used the ecoSmart system to help us maintain a positive measure throughout the initial design process. As the fixtures were then developed in conjunction with Quantum 4, this sustainable action continued with the use of FSC timbers throughout, and with 'end of life' in mind, the idea of easy disassembly.

Everything can be broken apart after use and recycled/re-used again. Even the small details have been sustainably produced with elements such as seat cushions being made from old climbing ropes.

Here’s a few photos from on site - watch this space for further updates.