Responsible Gambling Week Gets Animated

RGW Full Edit.00_01_22_14.Still020.png

We were tasked with storyboarding and animating a promotional campaign video for the first ever Responsible Gambling Week, taking place between the 12th - 18th October 2017.

This national, cross-industry initiative aims to promote responsible gambling, and our objective was to translate our client's plans and objectives in an informative yet concise manner.

The video also had to be eye-catching, slick and energetic, as it was intended for audiences on social media, predominately YouTube and Twitter. However due to the subject matter, we were careful not to make light of the campaign.

All in all it was a balancing act between respecting the importance of the issue and ensuring that the stylistic approach was striking enough to prompt audience engagement. 

It's the first time the entire industry has had this shared focus on promoting responsible gambling, and we're proud to have played a part in getting people talking.