Triumph International Global Department Store Concept


We were commissioned to develop a global value retail proposition for Triumph Lingerie's core ranges, the newest shop in shop for which recently opened in COOP, St Annahof in Zurich, Switzerland.

This department store concept was initially tested in Tokyo, Japan a few months ago and then translated to the European needs and standards. Working closely with Quantum 4 we created initial concept designs, followed by detailed design development.

The COOP installation is seen as a prototype store, and following minor production adjustments, will be ready for the global roll out of the scheme.

The design is based on the existing retail ‘Tailoress‘ concept, aiming to create a visually simpler version of the existing retail equipment to provide the customer with simple product navigation, making the shopping experience more memorable.

From a retail management perspective, the design offers a straightforward layout, yet requires limited staff maintenance. The fixtures are all easily deconstruct-able for recycling at their end of life.

Fixtures included: perimeter wall bays, landing tables, mid-floor gondolas and display tools, all with a variety of visual merchandising options. Finishes used were: powder-coated white and gold, light timbers, various laminates and the iconic Triumph red.