Delivering a Consistent Brand Experience


Designing the graphics for Under Armour's Global Retail Operations Manuals.


“We are determined to build the biggest and baddest brand on the planet. Be ready for an amazing journey, because this is what fast really feels like!” - Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour ...and unstoppable force of nature.



We have been supporting Under Armour in its quest to become the world's greatest sports brand by helping to create their Global Retail Operations Manual for use by Store Managers.

Working with a multi-disciplinary global team, the main aim of the project has been to establish a consistent brand experience for Under Armour (UA) customers worldwide. 

The design brief was to create an impactful and easy to read format that would encourage usage, and be provided in both hard copy (for placement in Store Manager offices) and digital version (to be stored on UA's global digital portal).

The manual contains vast quantities of information and so was organised into a series of sections. It retains a UA-branded look and feel, consistent with corporate brand guidelines. To make it more accessible for users we created a network of iconography to aid comprehension and retention of content.

Due to the confidential nature of the internal content, we can only show you a glimpse of the completed project. As you can see, the oversized A4 embossed vinyl-over-board folders were divided into multiple tabbed sections, each containing vital and comprehensive guidelines for UA Store Managers.