Building strong client relationships: the role of Account Managers in creative agencies

Explore how Account Managers drive success by bridging client-agency relationships through effective communication, proactive support, and celebrating achievements together.

In the world of design and creative services, the key to success lies not only in the bright minds behind concepts and campaigns, but also in the ability to foster strong and lasting relationships with clients. Account Managers are at the heart of this - the bridge between the agency and its clients. In this blog, we explore the role of Account Managers, explain what they do, and learn how they create and nurture strong client relationships.

But to start with, let's address a couple of common misconceptions about working with Account Managers:

Account Managers at an agency will never understand a client’s brand as well as its own employees

This is a frequent concern raised by clients who fear that an external agency will struggle to grasp the nuances and values that define their company. However, a good Account Manager takes the time to immerse themselves in their client's world, gaining an in-depth understanding of the brand, target audience, and business objectives. By working closely with the client and becoming an extension of their team, Account Managers can break down this barrier and ensure they align their efforts with the client's vision.

Clients won't be a priority

Some clients worry that their project might not be seen as important within the agency, becoming overshadowed by larger accounts. But good agencies recognise that every client is valued, regardless of size or budget. Account Managers exist to provide personalised attention and tailor the right creative solutions to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring that they build a strong sense of partnership.  

So, what is an Account Manager's role?

Account Managers play a pivotal role in the agency-client relationship, serving as the main point of contact and most importantly, they are the client's (and their end customer's) voice within the agency.  

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Account Managers act as skilled communicators, translating client needs and objectives to the agency's creative teams and conveying progress and results back to the client. They ensure that all parties are on the same page, building trust.  

Account Managers function as an extension of the client's internal team. They familiarise themselves with the client's culture, processes, and stakeholders, allowing them to integrate seamlessly and provide better support.  

They are there to address questions, concerns, and requests promptly, showing that the agency is invested in the client's success. This is essential to ensure a smooth execution of projects that align with the client's goals and are delivered within budget and deadlines.  

A dedicated Account Manager genuinely cares about the client's growth and success. They actively seek opportunities for improvement, propose strategic initiatives, and go the extra mile to help their clients thrive. An aspect of this care is achieved through continuously monitoring the performance of campaigns and projects, collecting data and analysing results.

How do Account Managers create strong relationships?

The foundation of a strong client-agency relationship lies in the hands of the Account Manager. At WDC Creative, we always try to keep five key pillars in mind:


Actively listening to the client's needs, concerns, and aspirations is critical. Making an effort to understand not just their explicit requirements, but also the underlying motivations to provide more meaningful solutions.  

Strong Communication

Clear, consistent, and open communication underpins a successful relationship. Keeping clients informed about progress, changes, and results, maintaining transparency at all times.  


Empathy and understanding are crucial in building trust. Putting ourselves in the client's shoes, considering their challenges and triumphs to offer well-tailored strategies and support.  


Anticipating client needs and being proactive in addressing potential issues showcases our commitment to the client's success. Being one step ahead helps build confidence and reliability.  

Celebrating Success Together

When successes are achieved, whether they are big or small, take time to recognise a job well done with our clients. Acknowledging milestones and even small victories reinforces a positive mindset and our shared journey.

The Inside View

Megan Frazer, one of our experienced Account Managers, shared her perspective:

“There are numerous aspects of the role that I really enjoy. No two clients or projects are the same, which adds variety and excitement to the job. I get to work across different industries, challenges, and creative campaigns, keeping their work fresh and engaging.

“Witnessing the positive impact of the agency's efforts on the client's growth and success is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Knowing that I’ve played a part in this is something I really enjoy.”


In conclusion, Account Managers are key players in the agency-client relationship. They lay the groundwork for fruitful and long lasting partnerships that drive both the agency and clients to new heights of success. Their ability to communicate, collaborate, and understand ensures that clients feel heard and valued.

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