Launching the P&O Ferries Operational Hub

The simplicity of the design masks the underlying complexity - creating engagement and encouraging its use by colleagues across the business.

For more than a decade we have provided design support to P&O Ferries, improving onboard environments to enhance the customer experience. Over the past year we have harnessed the understanding we have about the brand to design and build a comprehensive digital portal which brings together an extensive range of information from across the business and makes it accessible to people across the business.

Despite containing hundreds of separate pages, this hub looks deceptively simple to the user, as intended.

The portal comprises 3 areas:

Service Standards Hub – this covers all aspects of service delivery, from general safety information through to the specific service expectations in each catering outlet on each ship. Colleagues will be invited to use the hub as a resource during onboarding and training periods and their knowledge and understanding will be assessed through quick quizzes at each stage.

Onboard Audits – a bespoke audit section has been designed which allows onboard managers for each ship to check performance and more importantly, to compare levels of consistency in delivery.

Finishes and Materials Portal – this area is a visual and comprehensive asset library which houses all the specification details for every item in all customer-facing onboard areas.

The key purpose of all these areas is to drive operationalefficiency and improve consistency of delivery.


Michaela Mullen, Head of Customer Experience at P&O Ferries said: “Great customer service is at the heart of our brand experience. This digital portal is a game-changer. It will help to drive results and ensure we don’t get lost in the “how”. It will help us to deliver quality, efficiency and consistency across all routes and vessels”

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