Carden Park: The Shooting Lodge

Carden Park, a luxury spa hotel and golf resort based in Cheshire, recently commissioned WDC Creative to support the renovation of the Shooting Lodge: a dynamic event space used for weddings and corporate events.

We were looking to retain the traditional British heritage of the environment, whilst also refreshing certain aspects to create a more stylish and contemporary aesthetic.

We opted for a clean arrangement, comprising a neutral colour palette and minimalistic fittings to complement the range of events held in the room. We wanted to ensure that those using the space had the freedom to add their personal touches and make the space their own, especially for events such as weddings.

LED lighting and individual spotlighting was also installed to allow the room ambience to be tailored to suit specific tastes, particularly relevant for corporate or branded events.

The adjoining bar space was also refurbished, preserving key traditional elements such as the exposed brickwork, open fireplace and the tartan theme that runs throughout the estates interiors, but also introducing touches such as the pendant lighting, granite bar and grey marbling to modernise and enhance the look and feel.

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