Designing A Portable Exhibition Stand

We were approached by Beco to produce a brand new exhibition stand concept for use at tradeshows both in the UK and abroad. Beco are a UK-based pet brand who make ethically sourced dog food and sustainable pet products.

Beco’s previous stand design involved an almost DIY approach to each event, and would require making bespoke display elements for each space, and then having to remove those and adjust them to fit each subsequent event dimensions. This was not only time-consuming, but also created a lack of consistency and lowered quality perceptions.

BECO Display exhibition design fixtures and fittings

Beco were seeking a more flexible approach which allowed a kit of parts to be assembled easily, then once a show has finished it can be disassembled and transported to the next event. Any fixtures that were created would need to be durable and robust enough to be handled many times over. It was also important that the fixtures could be easily assembled/disassembled by the Beco team, without the need for specialist installers to set up each event.

BECO trade show exhibition design sustainability

Another key priority for the stand was sustainability. Beco as a brand is dedicated to making the highest quality products for pets, in the most sustainable way possible and the exhibition stand design needed to reflect those values. Throughout the design process the team worked hard to ensure that the project respected the environment and upheld Beco’s CSR policy.  The fixtures were built from FSC-approved timbers and with 'end of life' in mind, the idea of easy disassembly. Everything can be broken apart after use and re-used again and again.

BECO trade show exhibition design portable

We collaborated with local designer and maker Tim Denton to detail develop the designs and bring our concept drawings to life. The process involved several rounds of prototyping which helped to refine the details for final manufacture. The first physical stand went live at the PATS Telford tradeshow in September 2021, then travelling to Bologna, Italy for Zoomark, and has been well received by Beco and attending guests alike.


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