Klättermusen’s first European store opens

We recently completed the design of Klättermusen’s first European store on King’s Road in London, focusing on sustainability and high-quality design.

Klättermusen is a Swedish outdoor clothing company which has built its reputation on its performance mountaineering equipment. They are passionate about sustainability and minimising their environmental impact.

We were tasked with creating a strong brand presence that captures the essence of Klättermusen, putting high quality design and sustainability at the centre of the concept. We integrated sustainable practices and materials throughout the project, whilst achieving a premium aesthetic to reflect the brand’s identity.

Our approach looked at four key areas:


  •  The store layout features flexible display systems along the perimeter and movable mid-floor fixtures, allowing for easy reconfiguration and adaptability to the changing needs of the business.
  • To encourage social interaction and foster a sense of community, we have incorporated central tables where staff can demonstrate products and engage with customers.
  • The design is inclusive and accessible, with fit rooms allowing disabled access, a flexible iPad payment system and adequate space for wheelchair turning circles.

Store layout


We implemented a thoughtful and responsible selection of finishes, textures and colours for the project:

  • All the store’s fixtures and materials were chosen with sustainability in mind.
  • Mild steel was chosen for its toughness and recyclability, ensuring high quality and longevity.
  • Soft furnishings for fit rooms are made from recycled content fabrics to minimise environmental impact whilst bringing acoustic qualities.
  • Materials with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) were specified such as linoleum flooring, mitigating the use of harsh toxic substances commonly found in retail spaces.
  • End-of-life recycling schemes from suppliers will be used for flooring, fabrics, and fittings.

Store layout


  • We installed a flexible lighting system using energy efficient LED spotlights that can be positioned on specific areas as required.
  • We have retained the existing shopfront and re-furbished it rather than replacing with new.
  • Partial re-use of the existing ventilation system as opposed to replacing all with new.


  • Lean lightweight fixtures have been designed to use less raw materials in the manufacturing process.
  • Design for disassembly - simple timber joints and mechanical fixings that eliminate the need for glues and permanent fixings so that fixtures can be deconstructed at end-of-life and recycled easily.
  • Consideration of durability ensures that the store's components are long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

The project has been a labour of love involving a collaborative approach to deliver a store concept that delivers for customer and client. Working together with the Klättermusen team as well as key partners and suppliers we have brought the brand vision to life and the foundations are now in place to evolve this further in future locations.

You can find more sustainable design projects on our Interior design page.


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