NFL Frankfurt Games: Transforming retail spaces into fan havens

Retail spaces for Nike NFL products were set up in multiple German stores to generate hype for the NFL Frankfurt games.

The NFL Frankfurt games was a highly anticipated event in Germany, featuring four top teams competing in consecutive matchups. As part of the excitement surrounding these games, we had a unique opportunity to work with Fanatics to create retail spaces for Nike NFL products in multiple stores. Our goal was to set up retail spaces in 43einhalb, Galeria, and SportScheck for brand and event activation, generating hype around this significant sporting event.

Fanatics is an online retailer of licensed sportswear for NFL and other sports, responsible for delivering the collaborative launches between Nike and the NFL. We began with a good understanding of the Nike NFL brand guidelines as our starting point, and from there, we then set out to transform these retail spaces to appeal to both fashion-forwards and modern fans.

43einhalb, originally known for footwear only, presented the challenge of successfully integrating apparel into the existing layout, creating a complete brand takeover. Inside the store, we transformed it into a hub of NFL merchandise, featuring official team jerseys, shirts, hoodies, fan scarves, and more. Our mission was clear: bring the event to life within the store, draw in crowds, and make a lasting impression. To achieve this, we decided to use the storefront as a key focus with implementing a bold, impactful graphic across the windows. This signalled to potential customers that the store had undergone an exciting transformation. By using die-cut window vinyl, we ensured that the inside of the store remained visible, enhancing public curiosity.

Our design elements included an off-the-shelf pop-up retail system with flexible fixtures using tube clamp displays, making it accessible, reusable, and cost effective for quick implementation. In addition to graphic posters and neon signage, we also reworked the graphics for Fanatics’ in-store claw machine to add an interactive and engaging element when designing the store holistically.

Moving on to Galeria and SportScheck, both large department stores required a different design approach. Rather than a whole store takeover, we had to work within the parameters of the existing store features and seamlessly integrate them with Nike NFL elements. Our pop-up concept was complete with fixtures featuring mannequins and elements that recreated the atmosphere of a stadium game. The aim was to create a focal point for customers, enhancing their shopping experience and immersing them in the NFL universe. The spaces came to life vividly in these expansive stores, with the output mirroring our original concepts.

Through our designs, we successfully crafted an immersive customer experience for both fans and shoppers alike. Nike NFL had truly taken over Frankfurt, and we were delighted to be a part of this memorable event.

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