Q&A: Work Experience Week

For National Work Experience Week, we had a new team member join us – JJ. Here are some snippets of what he got up to during his time here at WDC.

We presented JJ with a brief that included a USP, a target audience, and a bunch of tasks that involved using a range of software to develop a variety of skills. The tasks included: Bench marking, logo concepts, Illustrator, Photoshop, animation, website design and brand guidelines.

We asked JJ some questions about what he has learnt and what he enjoyed the most working in a design agency.

Why did you choose WDC Creative for your work experience placement?

“I love graphic design in school, so I wanted to see what graphic design was actually like as a job and it definitely is what I hoped it would be, very chilled.”

Can you talk us through what you’ve been up to this week?

“On my first day here, I was introduced to everyone and then Steve showed me the Slam-Dunk brief, that had been created after I told WDC that I also really loved basketball. The brief helped to show me what I would be getting up to for the rest of the week. So, then on the second day, I started with logo designs and playing around with fonts, changing the colours seeing what worked. The next day, I started drawing it up on the iPad and using the computer to design logos on Illustrator. From there, I got shown other parts of design like animation, and got to create one for Slam-Dunk as well as a website, a restaurant menu, and brand guidelines.”

What was your favourite part about working here?

“I love how chilled everyone is in the office.”

Which part of design did you enjoy the most?

“I enjoyed creating the logo the most as I found Illustrator easy to use after a while.”

Do you think you will pursue a career in graphic design in the future?

“Yes, I definitely want to do graphic design in the future in Manchester.”

We loved having JJ here for the week and enjoyed supporting him in this valuable experience.

The design sector can offer an exciting and varied career,where no day is the same and creative thinking is actively encouraged.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding work experience email hello@wdc-creative.com.

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