The Resurgence of Heritage Sites

We have worked in the marine design sector for well over a decade, providing design support for P&O Ferries and the Canadian Ferry Operator Marine Atlantic.

Over the past year, we have been engaged by the Trustees of the TS Queen Mary to become part of a multi-faceted team tasked with refurbishing this stunning vessel to its former glory.

This is a really exciting challenge; as lead interior designers we want to pay homage to the ship’s extensive heritage whilst still ensuring that each space meets the needs of 21st Century visitors.

Our design proposals do just that, remaining true to the ship’s glory days and the romance of travel, whilst still creating an elegant and modern environment.

In the Queen’s Restaurant, dark green hues and richtones have been used in order to create a social space that is both luxurious and comfortable.

Meanwhile, The Princess Royal is a flexible space with multiple uses. The atmosphere we have created here is lighter and more relaxed.

Working on a project of such historical importance has allowed our team to consider the value of heritage sites like the TS Queen Mary to the general public. Despite living in a world where there is a constant push for all that is modern, it is interesting that so many of us are captivated by the beauty of the old.

Visiting sites such as The TS Queen Mary satisfies an innate desire to go back in time. Whilst admiring the beauty of these historical locations, we are also able to imagine the lives and travels of people long before us.

In addition to this, the pandemic means that heritage sites are more cherished than ever. With the current travel bans, restrictions and risks associated with holidays abroad, the public now look to days out and staycations as a source of entertainment and a break from their everyday reality.

Many of the English Heritage have now reopened and arethere to be enjoyed, albeit with some changes. Learn more here:

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