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Embodying brand functionality and purpose within a new retail concept


Klättermusen’s brand combines functionality and purpose. Products are designed to leverage both form and utility, ensuring they appeal to intrepid mountaineers seeking gear that withstands the harshest conditions, as well as fashion-forward individuals drawn to the brand's minimalist design aesthetic.

We were tasked with creating the brand’s retail concept that not only embodies Klättermusen's vision, but also caters to the target audience, delivering an engaging shopping experience where customers can get close to and interact with product ranges.


Our creative challenge was to develop a Klättermusen store concept that could be applied to the first physical site, as well as any future store roll-outs.

A strong retail concept must be built on a solid foundation that seamlessly integrates branding, merchandise and service, creating a compelling and cohesive story.


We worked closely with the Klättermusen team to shape a store concept that delivers on functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Inspiration has been taken from the idea of a ‘gear garage’, where the Klättermusen product is displayed in a variety of different ways using a flexible set of fixtures. This creates a welcoming space for customers to effortlessly select the products they need, cultivating a sense of engagement with the target audience. The overall feeling of the space reflects the Klättermusen product itself, in having a clean functional design with an emphasis on the small details that give the brand a distinct point of difference from its competitors. Elements such as the small red aluminum product fasteners and bespoke Klättermusen webbing have been integrated into the fixture design so a design thread runs from product level to store design. These are added value details to surprise and intrigue the customer at every turn.

An open, clean, minimalistic exterior provides a clear view of the store’s interior, and the vibrant colours of the products contrast with the simple background, strategically intended to grab the attention of passersby.

The fixtures have been designed to be highly flexible so that they can be easily adapted to a variety of spaces and can also be merchandised in different ways, allowing for the visual appearance of the store to evolve over time, keeping things fresh.

Sustainability has been heavily considered at all stages of the concept. It was essential to incorporate a sustainable narrative that aligns with the brand’s ethos. There has been an emphasis on not just selecting sustainable materials, but also taking into consideration the amount of material used, by designing fixtures that are ‘lean’ and lightweight. The metal fixture elements are made from steel rather than aluminum, which requires less energy during fabrication for a single store and allows excellent recyclability at the end of their life cycle. The customer journey is designed to spark curiosity and intrigue, but also to promote customer engagement. Mid-floor tables and a cash desk invite customers to walk around it, providing touchpoints for staff and customer interaction so knowledgeable staff can discuss, inform, and inspire customers. A bespoke spinning bag wall has also been developed to allow rucksacks to be fully rotated so customers can look at them without needing to lift them off the display. QR codes are also available for customers to self explore using their smartphones.

Design development and application to site

WDC Creative worked with specialist retail engineering team Fenton Blume to develop the design of the fixtures. Each element went through a robust design process, taking into consideration durability, functionality, sustainability, and cost/ease of manufacture.

Klättermusen selected King's Road, London, as the location for Klättermusen’s first European store, marking a strategic move to position the brand within a prestigious and dynamic location.

The existing space had low ceilings and felt cramped towards the rear, so we worked to maximise all the available space and make the store architecture feel as minimal and clean as possible by concealing the services and neatening up the walls. This combined with the sleek, minimal fixture design allowed the product to be the hero.

Floor finishes were selected to be as sustainable as possible. Marmoleum was used in the front retail section of the store, providing a natural feel as well as adding to the acoustics of the space. The fitting area has a real FSC-sourced timber floor to provide warmth. All lighting is LED to reduce energy consumption and the existing shopfront has been retained and re-furbished rather than replaced with new.


The design of Klättermusen’s first European store on King's Road, London stands as a testament to the combination of the brand's look and feel and its unwavering commitment to sustainability. With a robust and well-thought-through design, the store not only elevates Klättermusen’s presence in the market, but also serves as an inspiring model for the intersection of style, adventure, and environmental consciousness in the retail landscape.

Project disciplines

Retail Interior Design Sustainable Design Concept Design Design Specification Design Development Design Management Fixture Design

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