TS Queen Mary
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TS Queen Mary

One of our current projects is an exciting and unusual challenge - the refurbishment of the heritage ship, the TS Queen Mary (TSQM). It was a ‘pocket liner’, originally built in 1933 by William Denny and Bros, and after being saved from being scrapped in 2015, it was returned to Scotland in 2016. It is currently berthed at Glasgow Science Centre where work is starting on a complete renovation. We were commissioned as lead interior designers, working with a large cross-functional team to refurbish this wonderful ship back to its former glory. It is currently completely stripped back to its steel shell and we have started to envisage what the vessel could look like in the future.

"Sailing doon the watter, Frae Glesga tae Dunoon, Wae the paddles at thur fullest, We'd get thur awfy soon," Poem by Kenneth J Shaw A Trip Doon the Watter
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