Our collaborative journey with Carden Park Hotel

An overview of our partnership with Carden Park and the successful refurbishment project.

Transforming Luxury and Elegance

Over the past five years, our team at WDC Creative has been on a remarkable journey with Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire, bringing a series of transformative design projects to life. Our collaboration began with a small project that not only showcased our expertise but also laid the foundation for a long-standing partnership. Here's a glimpse into how we've redefined luxury and elegance at Carden Park Hotel, project by project.

Leveraging Our Experience: Golf Shop Refurbishment

Our introduction to Carden Park began with updates to the design of the golf shop. Leveraging our retail design background, we rejuvenated the space, showcasing how we could make a difference.

Fitness Village: A Sanctuary of Wellness

The creation of a new, separate purpose-built luxury spa brought new opportunities for us to strengthen our relationship with the Carden Park team. We seamlessly transitioned the old spa facilities into a modern fitness zone. The project showcased both our interior design and graphic design expertise, creating a spacious, contemporary space adorned with impactful graphics.


The Vines Restaurant: A Culinary Gem Reimagined

In 2020, we undertook the transformation of The Vines Restaurant. Inspired by the finest Mayfair establishments, we reimagined every aspect of its branding and environment. The result was a sophisticated, elegant dining space that invites guests to indulge in fine dining experiences.

The Vines Restaurant

Goldie’s Cocktail Lounge: Indulgent Luxury

Our work extended to revitalising an underutilised external courtyard, which blossomed into Goldie’s cocktail lounge. This space now offers guests a variety of dining options, from light lunches to delicious afternoon teas and pre-dinner cocktails. Our collaboration with the architect and project teams brought this luxurious environment to life, sitting comfortably alongside the luxurious ambience of the spa and The Vines Restaurant.

Goldie's cocktail lounge

First Impressions: A Revamped Reception and Entrance

Recently, we transformed the hotel's entrance and reception area, infusing it with light, luxury, and a welcoming atmosphere. Using bronze Crittall windows and bespoke chandeliers, we crafted an opulent first impression. The reception desk and area were meticulously redesigned to reflect the hotel's grandeur, creating a lasting impression for every guest.

Carden park

Morgan’s Bar: A Cosy Retreat with Character

Adjacent to the reception, Morgan’s Bar was redesigned to exude more warmth and personality. We introduced rich colours, bespoke murals, and a stunning bespoke chandelier, transforming the space into an inviting lounge that captures premium comfort.

Morgan's bar

The Carden Suite: A Venue Reborn

Our most recent project involved the refurbishment of the Carden Suite, a large hall used for weddings and conferences. Despite logistical challenges, working together with a cross-functional team the renovation was completed swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to the hotel’s events schedule. The refreshed interior, bespoke carpeting, and modernised bar area have revitalised this key venue, enhancing its appeal for all occasions.

In Conclusion: Enhancing Environments Through Design

Our journey with Carden Park Hotel indicates our commitment to excellence and innovation in design. Each project, from the initial golf shop refurbishment to the comprehensive overhaul of the hotel’s public spaces, reflects our dedication to enhancing guest experiences. At WDC Creative, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform spaces into luxurious, welcoming environments that leave lasting impressions. Our work with Carden Park Hotel showcases our design vision and creativity, placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

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