Trimm Dich, Durch Sport: Adidas' Long Lost Mascot


Digging through our archive folders a few weeks back we came across ‘Trimmy’ - Trimm Dich to give him his full name - who was a mascot from a public health and fitness promotion run in Germany from 1970 by the DSB (Deutsche Sportbund, or the German Sports Federation). 


After the economic boom in Germany during the early 1970s, it was recognised that the health, fitness and well-being of the population was deteriorating due to greater levels of inactivity.

The DSB therefore ran a very high profile campaign 'Trimm Dich, durch sport' - 'Get fit, do sports’, with extensive media support and the 1972 Olympic Games driving high public awareness of the need to stay fit and active. 



At the time there was investment in over 1,500 'Trimm-dich-Pfades’ or jogging paths across Germany which lasted until the mid-1980s when many municipalities were forced to abandon these facilities, due to economic pressures - but the campaign was fondly remembered by large sectors of the population.



In the early 2000s, German sports brand Adidas released a fitness/training shoe the Trimm-Trab to tie into a resurgence of interest and since then Adidas Originals have relaunched their now-iconic athleisure shoe on several occasions.

They have also created a series of branded apparel to commemorate this era and to appeal to the sports footwear aficionados of today.

A dozen years ago we incorporated this iconic character (originally created by Dieter Sihler) into some in-store POS for an Adidas Originals promotion we were commissioned to work on.

The project included a 'build at home' cardboard cutout kit so that shoppers could create their own mini ‘Trimmy’ - they proved very popular and highly collectable. The kits were a joy to work on, if rather challenging to assemble!